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The Departmental Council is the leader of social action and as such plays a central role in child protection missions.

This skill, which is organized in partnership with several actors, is supplemented by proactive actions aimed at promoting prevention. Childhood social assistance (ASE) offers support to children and their families in the event of difficulties that could seriously compromise their balance. Focus on this service and this mandatory skill.

Welcoming and protecting the child

The County Council is responsible for child protection. It implements a child welfare policy (ASE) focused on prevention, reception and protection. Childhood social assistance is a support system for minors, their families, emancipated minors and young adults under 21 in difficulty. Support can be material, educational and psychological, in cases of social difficulties that could seriously compromise their balance. If necessary, the ASE can resort to care outside the usual living environment.

Help: Child welfare (ASE)

Temporary childcare solutions are available to help families in great difficulty. They are of two types:

the reception in the administrative framework is done at the request of the parents or a young adult via the signing of a contract with the President of the Departmental Council (or his delegate)

the reception in the legal framework intervenes after the decision of a judge for children, who always seeks the adhesion of the family

Except in cases of serious maltreatment, these measures to protect the child are temporary in order to promote the maintenance and improvement of the parent-child relationship.

Child protection in Haute-Garonne, in figures:

7,450 children cared for by the Department in 2021 (+19% compared to 2015)

6,226 of them are minors (1,183 are unaccompanied minors, +56% since 2015)

1,224 are adults

including 850 children cared for by 450 family assistants or “foster families” employed by the Department

36.9% are between 12 and 18 years old

The Childhood in Danger Observatory

The Childhood in Danger Observatory contributes to raising awareness of the child protection system, both at departmental and national level, and to developing it. It promotes collaboration and coordination between all child protection actors.

It is made up of representatives of the services of the Departmental Council, the judicial authority, State services, services and establishments, professionals and qualified persons.

Each year, training actions are carried out for professionals, future professionals or associations involved in the field of childhood.

A preventive action is also carried out, with young pupils of primary classes or colleges of Haute-Garonne and parents of pupils.

Source : Childhood social assistance (ASE) to protect children | Upper Garonne

Childhood social assistance (ASE), protecting children » PACA’s economic and political newsletter