“Beyond the reeds light and freshness, thanks to the girl from the nomad camp …”

You too editor – Viterbo – Among the spectators of Crialese’s latest film, the dance teacher of Penelope Nieto Conti, one of the Viterbo actresses in the film

Venice – Penelope Nieto Conti with Maria Chiara Goretti

Viterbo – We receive and publish from the dance teacher of Penelope Nieto Conti, one of the Viterbo actresses of the film, Rosella Fanelli – In theaters the film The immensity of Emanuele Crialese where, alongside Penelope Cruz, she plays the role of younger daughter Maria Chiara Goretti of Tarquinia and friend of her eldest daughter Penelope Nieto Conti. Among the spectators, the dance teacher, family friend and first fan of Penelope “Penny” Nieto Conti, or Rosella Fanelli, who sends us her very personal “review” of her.

Emanuele Crialese

Two Viterbo people in the film by director Emanuele Crialese presented in Venice

I saw this film on September 15, the day it was released in cinemas. It was different from other times when I went to the cinema to see a movie …

The fact that the daughter of a friend of mine took part in it allowed me to follow the various steps of the working in progress, up to the first in Venice, where I finally saw the director, albeit through social media: Emanuele Crialese.

Her eyes, her welcoming gaze, which expresses kindness, immediately sent me an impact of profound sensitivity and a researcher of authenticity. During the press conference I was struck by his words … that he had waited 11 years before remaking a film, that this film in particular was a necessity, the film in the drawer to be made at any cost, a matter of life or death .

These statements intrigued me even more to want to follow the film carefully, pay attention to the details and looks of the actors. The 70’s setting brought me back exactly to when I too was wearing those knit pajamas with small light blue diamonds… and I was having a snack with the Urra ‘Saiwa.

Adriana, the protagonist reveals Emanuele Crialese to us and makes us reflect on what we also thought at that age in those years … She often immerses herself in her thoughts and in the film black and white scenarios are opened up super familiar to those of our generation: school aprons, church furnishings, the somewhat “horror” games that were played at that time in those contexts among peers.

Even having unhappy mothers, forced into suffocating family lives without being able to do anything… was typical of those years. In every family, however, there is always some more sensitive component, who absorbs more, who cares more, who feels an enormous burden for himself and for the other subjects … small and large and very often gets in the way to help, to protect, because the limit of his endurance goes beyond and the impetus of anger in the face of arrogance pushes him to take the field … (as Adriana does when she intervenes with the spontaneous will to protect her mother from the sexual demands of an arrogant father) .

While the struggle to get Andrea out in place of Adriana continues at every opportunity, in the family, with the brothers… outside and manifests itself with large eyes that are almost always sad; here beyond the reeds a glimmer of light and freshness opens up, these are the moments in which he finds himself with Sara, his peer who lives in the nomad camp .. there he does not have to struggle to pronounce his name Andrea, and everything happens spontaneously in a light, innocent, poetic playfulness… typical of the affections and loves at that pre-adolescent age.

Sara has the strength of her community, and manages to make Andrea “detach” from his thoughts of the heavy family daily, bringing him almost by the hand into her world as a quickly matured child. It is here that her gaze (by Andrea / Adri) changes, opens and becomes colored with a smile that reappears in the final scene when she shows herself singing in front of an audience (world) of which she is no longer afraid.

I thank Emanuele Crialese, because with this film, with the interviews released that give the opportunity to know him better, it has allowed me to feel a commonality, a sense of belonging on an emotional level, expressing certain ways of my functioning that are often not considered edifying .. especially when speaks of the ‘control’ that we all try to never lose and that instead it is only through a path of abandonment that one manages to be true, it is in being willing to “die to yourself” that there is a hope of Rebirth and a overcoming fear.

Rosella Fanelli

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September 20, 2022

“Beyond the reeds light and freshness, thanks to the girl from the nomad camp …” – Tusciaweb.eu