Aviation: the main African actors in conclave in Kigali, Rwanda

The participants count on the various avenues that could lead to the revival of the aviation industry.

This consultation is an opportunity to start working to make the aeronautical industry of the African continent more sustainable and more resistant to future shocks, indicated the Rwandan Minister of Infrastructure, Ernest Nsabinama, at the opening of the work.

Like the global aeronautics industry, that of Africa has not escaped the horrors of the Covid 19 pandemic, the international air transport association said during this event.

The various players have therefore agreed on the need for collaboration between all stakeholders to make the industry bounce back.

In the specific case of Africa, an improvement in connectivity remains important to develop travel and access the economic advantages of air transport on the continent, underlined Akbar Al Bakari, CEO of Qatar Airways Group.

On the occasion, he also urged the leaders of the continent to make enough infrastructure available to the industry to meet the demand for travel which will soon return to pre-Covid levels or even exceed them.

To accelerate the growth of the aeronautical industry in Africa, the Rwandan President, Paul Kagame at the opening of the work indicated that “we must remedy the shortage of qualified people in all the value chain of aviation”.

He added that “the liberalization of air transport in Africa would serve as a catalyst to accelerate the recovery of the industry, in particular by improving connectivity, stimulating demand and creating new jobs”.

African airlines have estimated by the Association of African Airlines lost at least $8.6 billion in revenue in 2021 due to restrictions related to the Corona Virus pandemic. Losses that represent about half of the revenue generated by African airlines in 2019.

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