At the Mann the “Participation Tour” of Federico Moccia’s film

NoonSeptember 23, 2022 – 5:05 pm

“Mamma here I am in charge”: a project funded by the European Commission, the Ministry of Culture and Invitalia to encourage young generations to visit the major Italian cultural sites through cinema

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The first stage of the “Participation Tour” of “Mamma here in charge!”, The new film by Federico Moccia, will start from the Mann in Naples, from Tuesday 27 to Wednesday 28 September, from 3 to 7 pm, which will bring, in the coming months , the younger generations to experience cinema in places of culture. Through the “Partymovie” project, funded by Invitalia, the Ministry of Culture and the European Commission (Cultura Crea), children up to the age of 14 can be actors for a day, see each other again at the cinema when the film is released and visit a unique place in the international scene, such as the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. By creating, at the same time, personalized and digital content, based on their experience, through the PARTYMOVIE app, which the public can download and use for free to participate in the choral and inclusive scene of the film at the addresses: (for iphone), (for Android). For the less “technological” participants, the documentation necessary to register and take part in the scene will be present at the entrance of the museum, just bring an identity document with you. Many schools are involved in the area, thanks to the partnership with the Campania Region and in particular, with the support of the Councilor for School, Social Policies and Youth Policies, Lucia Fortini.

Those “young people of all ages” who from 11 to 90 years, love and continue to re-read books, to review Federico Moccia’s films, have grown. Today they are in their forties, some single by choice or after a separation, others with family and children, in search of their ideal lifestyle. In both cases, they experience all the possibilities and contradictions of our age, in which we are increasingly connected and at the same time a little distant, taken in the thousands of daily commitments, divided between independence and ties.

Thinking of this society, increasingly “disconnected”, “Mamma here I am in charge”, film produced by Alexandra Cinematografica and which sees in the cast the protagonists Maurizio Mattioli, Daniela Virgiliothe small Alessio Di Domenicantonio, Simone Montedoro and Corinne Clery, originates from a recent provision of the court of Trieste in the course of a cause of separation between spouses. It is the unusual decision of a judge that creates the conditions for a cinematic story that focuses, albeit with the light tones of a comedy, on the priceless value of a child’s life to overcome misunderstandings, ill feelings and conflicting interests.

In the film it is the world of innocence that reigns supreme, playing on the paradox of infantile immaturity that “re-educates” the tenacious incommunicability of adults. In doing so, a child protected by a wise judge with the help of an innovative jurisprudence, transfers us a lesson on the concept of family with sympathetic candor. The film does not escape issues of sociological relevance or the casuistry of angular comparisons between separated spouses, but addresses them by means of an intelligent entertainment proposal and with an original cultural reversal: children reflect and express themselves as mature people while adults they behave like children.

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23 September 2022 | 17:05


At the Mann the “Participation Tour” of Federico Moccia’s film