Antonio Pérez, cars, companies and politics

Antonio Pérez Garibay is a current federal deputy for Jalisco, belonging to the Morena bench. In his work within the Chamber of Deputies, he is made up as secretary of the National Defense and Navy commissions, in addition to being a member of the Citizen Security Commission.

“This is the first opportunity I have had in the political sphere, I come from the private sector, and now that I have arrived in the Chamber of Deputies, I have managed to build a great relationship with all the actors, from all the parties. With the dialogue it has been possible to reach different agreements to promote initiatives for the benefit of our country, this has been my greatest virtue”.

“Toño” Pérez is known for being the father of the professional Formula 1 racer, Sergio “Checo” Pérez; However, his success lies in the growth he has had throughout his career, until he became a relevant businessman for Jalisco.

He proudly tells that his family was always poor. She was born and raised in Colonia Del Fresno in Guadalajara. From a very young age, he took to the streets to earn his first pesos selling shoes in the Chapultepec area, and later he worked as a waiter.

He was also a taxi driver and little by little he found the resources to buy his first car and then enter the business of buying and selling vehicles.

In the same way that his sons “Checo” and “Toño”, Pérez Garibay ventured into the world of automobile racing, he became national champion of the Marlboro Cup in 1987, from there he instilled a love for motorsports in his three children. He says that when he found himself working in a mechanical workshop, he began to develop his taste in the automotive world, and from there he began to seek support for sponsorship, giving triumphs to brands such as Calzado Canadá and Euzkadi.

This is what has given him the skills for negotiation and knowledge, keys that have led him to generate important consensus within the Chamber of Deputies, where he lobbied with other benches to work mainly on business, security and social proposals. , in addition to dialogue to release and approve the proposals presented by the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with whom he shares ideologies.

An example of this is the need for the armed forces to extend their operations to the streets in support of the civilian Police. “There is a lot of work that is required, we need innovation and intelligence in security matters, greater investment, training, equipment, a greater presence of state and municipal police on the streets, but at the same time reinforcing, which is what the National Guard”.

For Pérez Garibay, who is also the father of Paola Pérez Mendoza, family is the main engine for working every day. “Without a doubt my family is what moves me, it is my greatest motivation. I remember my mother with great affection: Juanita Garibay Guerrero, she was my driving force, we suffered shortcomings; However, she taught me that economics is not everything in life, the things of greatest value are priceless and one of them is family.”

He assures that he has left the businesses he built before coming into politics in the hands of his son “Toño”, but that this is now the path he has chosen to contribute to Jalisco and Mexico from the trench in which he finds himself.

Regarding his political aspirations, he explained that he wants to be governor of Jalisco.

“We have everything to be a power, not only in Mexico, but also internationally. I have the vision of a safer, more prosperous State. With the sum of efforts between the Government, private initiative and the citizenry, we can promote the development of Jalisco and their families”.


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Antonio Pérez, cars, companies and politics