Annamaria Piccinelli: “The Community House exists, the problems remain”

community house? In Casalmaggiore it risks being just a nice word if it is not filled with content. After the ribbon cutting – of a structure moreover whose capabilities he has some doubts about – now we need to solve the problems. This is what he thinks Anna Maria Piccinelliminority councilor of the municipality of Casalmaggiore and has always been involved in health issues.

INABILITY TO COMMUNICATE – “It would be nice when there is an inauguration with political personalities, tricolor bands, ribbon cuts, blessings… if the citizens understood something too. What changes compared to before, besides the name? Previously it was called Presst (territorial social and health unit) now it is called Casa di Comunità: so? What does a citizen understand when you talk to him about Pua, Cot, complex targets, multidimensional evaluation? And this inability to communicate to everyone goes in the opposite direction with respect to the philosophy that is at the basis of the Community House: if we wanted to call it home, it is because people must find there, in a clear and comfortable way, everything they need to have a good quality of life, just like in a house“.

UPDATE. WHEN? – “So let’s start by saying that in a place with such an evocative name, citizens must expect that, from the manager to the cleaner, communication takes first place and is kind, appropriate to the person and exhaustive. I “it’s not my responsibility”, “the colleague who takes care of it is on vacation”, “you must look on the site”, “call me back later”, together with the phones that ring for hours without anyone answering etc etc. they must be a bad and distant memory. Unfortunately, even imagining getting by with a computer, we find that by typing in “Community house”, only newspaper articles come out. If we type Asst Cremona, scrolling down we find the writing Presst in a corner, therefore not yet updated with the new name. If we click on Presst, we can’t find the telephone number that was published in the newspapers anywhere“.

After all, in our recent memories, we also have that from one day to the next we found ourselves in dozens of families without a pediatrician because ours had retired and no one warned us that the takeover was not automatic, we had to make a procedure, then the telephone published on the site was old and so no one answered and also it was not easy to understand the procedure. Do we want to believe that this whole way of communicating and relating to the citizen has completely changed with the change of name? Let’s give it a try, even if the premises leave some doubts“.

LACK OF SPACE: A COMMUNITY HOUSE NOT LIKE VIADANA – “The Community House should be a physical place that brings together many services. So it is in Viadana where there is all the former hospital available which, with the funding received, is filling up with multiple activities. The story of Casalmaggiore is different: the old hospital has been abandoned and the services have been placed in various rented private buildings. All these and other services (concerning mental problems, drug addiction, vaccines, samples, gynecological visits, family counseling, emergency medical services, general practitioners and paediatricians, social assistance problems, home services for the non self-sufficient, RSA, etc. ) remain exactly in their place, but they all refer to the Community House for coordination. In addition, in Piazza Garibaldi, a Geriatrics clinic and one for Palliative and Pain care have been opened and perhaps the Physiatrics clinic will be opened. Other clinics that are part of the Casa but are located in Oglio Po (cardiology, etc.), remain in Oglio Po“.

DOCTORS, FAMILY NURSES AND PEDIATRICS. WHAT’S NOW? – “The cornerstone of the Casa would be the presence of general practitioners and paediatricians, but the logistical choices explained above meant that over the years these professionals have organized themselves into private polyclinics and, even if we wanted to, in Piazza Garibaldi 3, there would be no spaces . So, unlike what we read in the newspapers, our House will never have doctors and paediatricians inside, nor will it be 24/7. The other novelty is the family nurses, six in all, who are an element of connection between the various services. In fact, and let’s get to the point, the Casa, beyond the individual clinics, has a mission, that of making citizens feel welcomed in all their quality of life needs. But it is not enough to say this, concrete examples must be given. If you are or have in your family an elderly person, a disabled person, a person affected by addictions (to substances, gambling, other), a person with mental disorders or who is experiencing a particularly complex phase, in the Casa you must present their own problems and it is necessary to find those who address all aspects of the services, all services, present in the area (health, social, voluntary and also in the Viadanese area because let us not forget that we are a District) so that these, by communicating among themselves, take charge or better welcome, the person with his problems. This is what the family doctor has always done to a large extent, but now the accompaniment service we are told should be more widespread, present, complete. We ask ourselves: have moments of connection and coordination been initiated with general practitioners? Are the protocols on the basis of which to act in the various cases that arise already clear? According to the information taken from the various players in the field, we are still a long way from all of this. So Asst Cremona, led by Asst Mantova who is responsible for territorial medicine of the District, will be able to shed its skin and carry out a relational engineering operation, in-depth personnel training, internal communication and widespread information to citizens (letter, flyers, public meeting, other) to really make us feel that something has changed, besides the name?“.


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