Amel Bent: the singer back in the light, all the details revealed!

This Tuesday, September 13 took place the screening ofAthena in preview. This is the feature film by Romain Gavras produced by Netflix and presented in world premiere in official competition at the Venice Film Festival. For this screening, a slew of stars, including Amel Bent, was present at the Salle Pleyel, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

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To find out what is sure to be a big hit, Amel Bent bet on a tight denim dress divinely highlighting its forms. Always so smiling the singer was just beautiful!

Athena by Romain Gavras in preview

Netflix rolled out the red carpet for the film’s premiere Athenathe controversial project of Romain Gavras. Athena is summed up as follows on the streaming giant’s website: “ Hours after the tragic death of their youngest brother in unexplained circumstances, the lives of the remaining family are turned upside down. The siblings quickly find themselves in a chaos that they have trouble overcoming.

This dive into a city in the suburbs of Paris held many show-business personalities in suspense, who were present to discover what will surely be like Netflix’s next hit. Indeed, Romain Gavras seems to have hit hard as the first returns are mostly glowing.

On the other hand, the movie is not intended for young audiences. It tells the story of Abdel, a young man recalled from the front following the death of his little brother, who died as a result of an alleged police intervention. To discover this feature film, go to Netflix on September 23rd!

A real parade of stars for the Netflix film

Before broadcasting Athena, the feature film team greeted the audience and answered a few questions. Romain Gavras thus found Ladj Ly, with whom he collaborated, as well as the rest of his comrades, Dali Benssalah, Sami Slimane, Anthony Bajon, Ouassini Embarek and Alexis Manenti.

Actors, artists and celebrities were numerous on the red carpet to watch this movie which was already exciting.

Among the celebrities, we could see singer Amel Bentsublime in her denim dress.

Also present were: director and actor Guillaume Canetthe singer Bilal Hassaniagain the actress Sabrina Ouazani romantic comedy heart map.

Also, the presence of the chic duo formed by Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel did not leave indifferent.

In the room, other celebrities were also present to applaud Romain Gavras. Indeed, the latter had the right to the unconditional support of his parents, Costa Gavras and his wife Michele. But also to that of Melha BediaKaaris, Fabrice EboueJean-Pascal Zadi, Damien Bonnard, Paul Mirabel, Elisa Bachir Bey, Raphael Personnaz, Anthony of CaunesVincent Perez and his daughter Iman, Manon Azem, Lola Dubini, Alicia Aylies, Radu Mihaileanu, Naidra Ayadi, Alban Lenoir, Enora Malagré and her companion Hugo Vitrani, Camille Cerf and her companion Théo Fleury

Amel Bent caused a sensation

Divine in a denim dress, Amel Bent unveiled an incredible figure. As she gave birth to her baby Zayn, her third child, on April 4, 2022 she seems in shape and… in shape, still as voluptuous!

It’s no secret, theperformer of ” My philosophy“takes full responsibilityno matter what people think. “It’s not up to you to hide our bodies, but it’s up to you to get used to seeing them as they are”she had written on Instagram after receiving grossophobic attacks on social networks.

Amel Bent: the singer back in the light, all the details revealed!