Alexei in the telenovela So far and so close: One receives a character and gives it all (+ photos)

Ariel Zamora achieved the admiration of the national television audience with his interpretation of the character of Alexei in the recently completed Cuban telenovela So far and so close

Ariel Zamora had his great debut on Cuban television with the character of a 20-year-old man full of family and love conflicts. (Photo: Courtesy of the source)

By his side I felt lucky to be famous. We walked quickly, but I did not hesitate to put stop as he passed before the call of people to take a picture with him or greet him. Without a doubt, Alexei’s character from the recently completed telenovela So far and so close has left a mark on the hearts of many Cubans.

Full of conflicts with his father and on the love plane, this 20-year-old played by Ariel Zamora Cañedo embarked the audience on a journey in the form of an obstacle course, in which moments of hate and love towards the character were not lacking .

Although the talented actor had already had small appearances on television, this role won the admiration of millions of viewers, who reflect their love for the young man in the streets and on social networks. There has been no lack of girls who, seeing the photo published with him, wrote to me on the day of this interview to praise his well-achieved character and to exclaim occasional compliments and sighs in love.

«Osvaldo Doimeadiós, who is my teacher on the Oficio de Isla ship, tells me that Alberto Luberta and Loysis Inclán were doing the casting for the telenovela. I present myself together with Maité Galbán and Alberto Corona. After a few days, Loysis sends me a photo of Maité and Alberto with me and writes: “You are already part of the family.” I was very surprised and super happy to be able to have a role in the novel and to do it together with these great actors.

Ari Zamora never thought that Alexei’s character would cause such a stir in the public. (Photo: Maria Montenegro)

He loved the character from the beginning, because they had a lot in common. “Alexei is a young man of my age. Although he was a painter and I was an actor, I think we both have that particular sensitivity that artists have. Regarding the character we have different views towards life, I am a more cheerful and friendly person. At first, many people sent me messages through the networks calling me heavy, mandarria milkshake, they made many memes about the boy’s irreverent behavior.

«However, the conflict of this character, perhaps negative at first, was taking a 180 degree turn. People were incredibly welcoming of his transformation. They shouted at me in the street: “Hey, you’re getting better, you’re behaving better!” Until one day someone came up to me and said, “I love Alexei!”

The love plot in which the young artist developed was one of the most followed and debated by viewers. The conflict revolved between age differences, betrayal and forbidden love. Despite the prejudices imposed by society, legacies of the macho tradition, Zamora is one of those who thinks that “when there is love nothing matters, I understand Alexei and I do not judge him”.

Unlike his character: a rock fan, Ari — as his friends call him — admires the variety of musical genres from salsa, son to good reggaeton. Although he loves acting, early on he was involved with sports. «As a child he practiced baseball; he was very bad, but I liked him. I also became interested in taekwondo.

Despite this hobby that he still practices in his spare time, Ariel Zamora affirms that when he discovered art he forgot everything else. «When I was in Primary School I began to be part of a mariachi duo with a friend from the classroom. We showed up at the morning shows and at the pioneer activities. When I was in fourth grade, some art instructors came to school and told us about a children’s theater project. They asked if we had aptitudes for acting or for any artistic manifestation, and the whole classroom pointed to both of us.

“We showed them what we did and they loved it. We started in this Cienfuegos theater, music and dance children’s company called Abrakadabra. There I had my first contact with the world of acting. I started from the age of ten until the ninth grade, when I entered the Villa Clara Provincial School of Art. Then I moved to Havana and started at the National School of Art. I am currently studying the second year of the Higher Institute of Art for a course for workers».

Ariel: Every day I learn something from Osvaldo Doimeadiós, to whom I am infinitely grateful for his support. (Photo: María Montenegro)

Ariel is a born lover of the theater, although he has also ventured into the cinema. He is currently part of the company Teatro El Público and works in the creative community Oficio de Isla. «It has been one of the things that has made me forget the problems the most. When I am performing, worries and concerns are erased from my mind. Theater is something magical.

He is a very funny and active boy. Among his favorite pastimes is riding a bicycle, going out with his friends to camp, to the beach, to play and sing. His transparency and spontaneity in acting are also present in Ariel’s way of being. Despite accumulating a large number of admirers who follow his work, the man from Cienfuegos, specifically from the Tulipán area, humbly thanks all those who contributed their grain of sand to the actor he is today.

«I owe everything I am to the ENA and its teachers, especially Yazmín Gómez, Yailín Coppola, teacher Carlos Díaz, Fernando Echevarría, teacher Corina Mestre…. On a professional level, since I consider it part of the academy, I learn something every day with Osvaldo Doimeadiós, to whom I am infinitely grateful for his support».

When asked what kind of character he would like to give life to in the future, the actor is one of those who thinks that «one receives a character and gives everything, whether it is the one you are expecting or not. That question has made me think, I don’t know…, but I will answer you soon».

For Ari’s followers, the good news is that soon they will be able to enjoy new participations and projects that he has in hand. «The medium-length film will be released soon the other island, in which I have an intervention. I’m also working on a theater project on the Oficio de Isla ship.

«Simultaneously with the filming of the soap opera I recorded the youth series First grade, under the direction of Rudy Mora. It should be released later this year or early next year. I play one of the protagonists, Chuli, a boy who is the neighborhood barber and is starting out in the world of reggaeton, something that is totally different from Alexei in So far and so close. The series has great weight in young acting work and touches on such controversial issues as conflicts in social networks.

The theater is one of the great passions of the actor from Cienfuegos.


Alexei in the telenovela So far and so close: One receives a character and gives it all (+ photos) – Escambray