‘Ahora Fiestas’ will be in force from December 20 to 31 with financing of 12 and 20 installments without interest

Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad led this Thursday the launch of the provincial program ‘Ahora Fiestas’ that will take place from December 20 to 31, and that will have financing of 12 and 20 installments without interest, in addition to refunds of up to 20%.

The provincial president referred to the benefits of this program and assured that the measure is part of the premise of promoting businesses in their economic activity and linking them to different programs, especially at times such as the end of the year.

He also commented that the benefit of the consumer is sought in the face of the problems that result from the macroeconomic matrix of Argentina and stressed that the objective is to alleviate the pocket of the missionaries.

«These discounts translate into well-being and the possibility of being able to access purchases that would be very difficult to make given the difficulties of the macroeconomic matrix. That is why we continue to generate and renew the expectations of the Now programs. The ‘Ahora Fiestas’ is not something new, but it is an initiative that we recover year after year knowing the importance that it has at the end of the year for the whole family”, he highlighted.

The Governor thanked all the public and private actors involved in the implementation of the measure: «All the actors look towards the same objective, the same north. And sustaining the Now programs, as an anti-cyclical measure of the difficult and complex processes that Argentina is experiencing, is essential, “he said. Towards the end, he hoped that the measure would be a success and that it would meet the established objectives.

For his part, the Minister of Finance, Adolfo Safrán gave details of the initiative and pointed out that it aims at “so that the missionaries can obtain the products in better conditions.” He clarified that businesses currently registered in Now Missions, Now Missions +21, Now Durable Goods will automatically participate in this special program for the holidays. Those who are not currently registered and meet the requirements can register until November 27, 2022 on the page https://ahora.misiones.gob.ar/.

The event was accompanied by the public banking sector manager of Banco Macro, Miguel Ayala; the president of the Posadas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sergio Guelman; and the deputy secretary of the Misiones Economic Confederation, Guillermo Fachinelo.

‘Now Parties’

Today the provincial government launched a new edition of the ‘Ahora Fiestas’ provincial program with benefits from the Ahora Misiones Program and Ahora Bienes Durables current in participating businesses. Thus, ‘Ahora Misiones – Fiestas’ will allow consumers to buy in up to 12 interest-free installments with a financeable limit of $100,000 and a 20% refund on the amount of purchases in stores with headquarters in Misiones or 15 % for locations headquartered in another jurisdiction. The refund limit will be $7,700 and the benefit is valid only through the use of Banco Macro SA credit cards.

Meanwhile, the “Now Durable Goods – Holidays” will allow businesses that sell household appliances, home furnishings, construction materials, mattresses and motorcycles, offer financing of up to 20 interest-free installments with a Financing limit of $200,000 and a 5% refund in participating businesses with headquarters in Misiones, with a maximum of $7,700 per account and credit card.

The impact of National Holidays

Later, the Governor led the release of a report with statistical data on the economic impact of the 2022 National Yerba Mate and Madera Festivals, as part of the provincial initiatives to promote the development of the tourism industry and events in Missions.

Herrera Ahuad highlighted the work of the community chiefs “to recover these popular festivals and to go a little further with infrastructures and shows.” It is special, for extending the scope of the events beyond the inhabitants of their municipalities, as in the case of the National Yerba Mate Festival, which was attended by 45% of attendees from other places. He pointed out that the festivities clearly demonstrate the vision of growth, development and inclusion of our national holidays in the economic, tourist, social and cultural matrix of our towns.

In addition, he highlighted the new data measurement design of the Ministry of Tourism to be able to report the effect generated by the economic movement of events. “This is the weight of the economic matrix that these activities have in the interior of our province,” he celebrated.

In turn, the Minister of Tourism, José María Arrúa, highlighted the work of the Tourism Economic Observatory, endorsed by IPEC and UNaM, among other public and private organizations, in the preparation of statistical documents. He clarified that the report has to do with “a State policy regarding tourist activity and events”, and the strong promotional work carried out by his portfolio. “It is a clear sign that each of these actions and festivals have their sights on the cultural-tourist, but also have a high economic impact,” he added.

On the occasion, both the mayor of Apóstoles, María Eugenia Safrán, and the mayor of San Vicente, Fabián Rodríguez, thanked the Province for the support given to the events that boosted the economy of their communes.

The numbers of the Party

The results of this report specified that the Wood Festival 2022 summoned more than 20,500 people, which meant that the accommodation places were fully occupied. The approximate economic movement was $83 million in the city of San Vicente. Visitors stayed an average of 2.60 nights.

Meanwhile, the Yerba Mate Festival 2022 generated an economic movement of $204 million by summoning more than 61 thousand people who stayed in the city of Apóstoles for an average of 3 nights, which meant a total occupation of the accommodation places. during the period in which the event took place. For the preparation of this report, the responses of 64% female participants and 36% male participants were taken as a basis.

The age group corresponding to the range between 40 and 50 years had a greater presence among those consulted with 36%, followed by those between 29 and 39 years with 23%. Almost half of the attendees visited both fairs as a family, 29% did so as a couple, 16% with friends and 6% alone. Most of those consulted came from Misiones (91%) and arrived in private vehicles (87%) and 54% chose to stay in hotels over cabins (23%) and relatives’ houses (15%).

‘Ahora Fiestas’ will be in force from December 20 to 31 with financing of 12 and 20 installments without interest