Agen. After the death of little Baptiste in the nursery, the parents feel “totally ignored”

Master Goudenege and his colleague, Master Renaudie, with the parents of little Baptiste. (©The Republican 47)

“We have the impression of not existing, we need answers”, expresses the mother of Baptistdied on July 25, 2022 in a crib agenais.

According to the autopsy, Baptiste would have died of the syndrome of the sudden infant death syndrome. His parents are convinced that a breach of protocol would have caused his deathWhere stop that the infant is saved in time.

If an investigation is indeed underway, the parents feel, since the death of their five-month-old son, “completely ignored” speak judicial system and by the crib.

To allow them “to have access to the information of the investigation, to have answers and to be actors in this affair”, their lawyer Maître Goudenège claims the opening of a judicial investigation.

Lack of communication

We are not given any information, we need answers! Can you imagine the millions of questions that have been going through our heads for two months? We have the impression of being in the way, of not existing.

Parents of little Baptiste

“There is too much distance between the investigation and them”, expresses Maître Jean-François Renaudie, who also accompanies the parents of the baby: “in the process of reconstruction it is necessary to understand, and there they cannot to mourn“.

Baptiste’s family would not have received almost no communication nor from the crèche.

We crossed the crèche with the body of our child in our arms, and the structure has never contacted us since, except to tell us that the crèche was going to be administratively closed.

Baptist’s father

Judicial information

Baptiste’s parents carried complaint against Xa few days after his death, for manslaughter with lack of supervision.

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The lawyer for Baptiste’s parents, Maître Goudenège, fears that the case will be filed away. “We must continue to dig: it is not because there is sudden death that there is no manslaughter. »

the Agen public prosecutor’s officein charge of the case, wants to be reassuring.

The file is far from being closed and we are making sure that investigations are taking place on all aspects of this affair. We do not only consider the simple medical cause. It must be determined whether a responsibility game is engaged and, if so, what mechanism led to the death of the child; or detect if everything has not been done to save it.

Agen public prosecutor’s office

But the current investigation does not make it possible to communicate to the family of Baptiste the information collected ; to do so, “it would be necessary, I repeat, the opening of a judicial inquiry; the parents are excluded and that locks them in silence”, expresses the lawyer.

We are ready to hear everything. We just want to understand, no matter the explanation.

Baptist’s Mother

Because the monitoring protocol of the crèche continues to ask them questions. Master Goudenège specifies: “They need to know: were there faults, and which ones? A lack of supervision or compliance with instructions? A lack of training in first aid gestures? “.


On July 25 at 6 a.m., when Baptiste’s mother dropped off her son at the crèche, she claims to have informed the staff.

“I clearly explained that he was starting to turn over but that he often remained stuck on his stomach. I said it was dangerous if you are not near and the member of staff I spoke to said they used to. The police station told us that he had been found on the stomach. »

Still according to Baptiste’s mother, “the SAMU doctor who tried to resuscitate my baby said with certainty that when he did, he had been dead for one or two hours“.

However, the protocol communicated by the crèche after the death of Baptiste affirms that the monitoring – which consists of ensuring that the child “is doing well by checking his breathing, his position on the back and his coloring” – must “be carried out every 15 minutes maximum from the first sleeping child”.

Baptiste’s mother expressed to the Republican, a few days after the death of her son: “We cannot hear that our son died between 1 and 2 hours before resuscitation and then be told that the protocols were respected. If they had been in place it would have been revived earlier. »


The lawyer for the baby’s parents explains: “The protocol has been communicated good after Baptist’s death, following an interview with the Departmental Council which received the parents. »

His colleague, Maître Renaudie, adds: “Was it a protocol that existed before or was it created in reaction to this interview? Its broadcast after the interview raises questions.

Of the answers : This is what Baptiste’s parents desperately need. And their lawyer affirms it: “It goes through the opening of a judicial investigation, which we continue to demand”.

Master Renaudie ends: “Their son is not a simple news item”.

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Agen. After the death of little Baptiste in the nursery, the parents feel “totally ignored”