5 wine tourism experiences to experience the grape harvest in Rioja Alavesa

From summer dips in seas, reservoirs and rivers… to autumn walks through ‘seas’ of vineyards. With the change of weather season comes the change of tempting experiences.

And come September, one of the most fun and emotional for families with children is the harvest. Picking the grapes, treading them in the traditional way and obtaining the first must is one of those special experiences that are remembered for a lifetime. Above all, when sitting at the table to taste a good wine.

And Rioja Alavesa, a region full of vineyards that are the essence of its landscape, is the ideal setting to experience them. These are five of them…

1 – “Vintages step on and enjoy”

Bodegas Lozano, in the town of Leza, wants its visitors to be the first tasters of its harvest. And for this he proposes harvesting the grapes in the vineyard and treading them in the traditional way to later savor that first must and compare it with the wines. Later, after such hard work, the participants will be able to taste 3 wines accompanied by a splendid snack with Km.0 products. This activity-

Approximate duration between 2 and 3 hours – for a maximum of 25 people, adults and children – will be held from Saturday, September 17 to Sunday, October 2, in two shifts, morning and afternoon: at 11:00 a.m. and at 5:00 p.m. 00 a.m.

A variant of this experience is the ‘Harvest, tread and enjoy 2.0’, whose main difference is that it includes a blind tasting of 5 wines.

2 – “Family harvests, in Rioja Alavesa”


They are organized by Bodegas Valdemar, in Oyón-Oion. A fun experience for parents and children to discover the essence and origin of Rioja Alavesa as a family. The approximate duration is 2 hours in which the grapes will be harvested, collecting and selecting the best bunches; They will tread grapes and squeeze those clusters to obtain the first must, which the little ones will be able to taste, checking how sweet it is. Later, a Riojan lunch paired with two of its wines is included: Conde Valdemar Tempranillo Blanco and Finca de Marquesado Selección. And for children, two musts: white and red. This experience will take place on September 24 and 25 and October 1, at 11:00 a.m. At Bodegas Valdemar we can also enjoy the experience ‘From the vineyard to the glass’, on Saturday, September 24, at 12:00 noon.

3 – “Harvest in Bodegas Solagüen and Tierra”

Located in the town of Labastida, one of the most beautiful medieval towns in the Rioja Alavesa region, Bodegas Solagüen and Tierra propose this activity lasting about 4 hours, on Saturdays, October 1 and 8, at 10:00 a.m. . The participants – adults and children – will enjoy a sea of ​​vineyards dyed ocher and red while experiencing first-hand a day of selection and harvesting of grapes that will later give incredible wines. The experience includes the fun and traditional grape treading, a visit to the winery, snacking and tasting.

4 – “A day at the grape harvest”.


Bodegas Amador García offers us a practical workshop in which the whole family learns about and participates in the harvest process. For an hour and a half, on Saturday September 17, attendees will tour the winery and later cut the grapes and participate in treading them and tasting them.

5 – “Vintage Special”

Bodegas Bideona gives us the opportunity to experience a harvest day with its main actors, to experience first-hand the order and organization that they follow to obtain their terroir wines. On the other hand, it also offers us the experience “Maturation in Rioja Alavesa”, through which they will show the differences in the maturation of the grape.

depending on the town from which the bunch comes. These two experiences are available between September 9 and October 16.

6 – “The Secrets of Finca Monteviejo”


Viñedos y bodegas de la Marquesa-Valserrano invites you to take a short trip through the history of your family winery on September 24, strolling through its centenary cellars to end with a picnic lunch.

7 – “Autumn walks through Rioja Alavesa”

Four free routes, which will allow us to enjoy the incredible autumn landscape of Rioja Alavesa. On September 25 starting in Elvillar/Bilar, on October 16 starting in Elciego, on November 13 starting in Leza and on December 18 starting in Oyón-Oion. Some walks that will allow us to get to know the trails and corners of our region a little better.

5 wine tourism experiences to experience the grape harvest in Rioja Alavesa