15 Best Jeff Goldblum Movies (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

There is no actor like Jeff Goldblum. The unique man is a fascinating presence on and off screen with his unusual way of speaking and the uncanny energy that draws you in. While he can sometimes be reduced to an internet fascination, Goldblum often reminds us that he’s a truly gifted actor as well as a compelling character.

He’s worked on some iconic projects over his career, keeping his filmography varied with movies big and small in many different genres, allowing him to play many different characters. With Goldblum returning to one of his most iconic roles in Jurassic World: Dominionfans might be interested in checking out some of his most acclaimed projects.

15 Prince of Egypt (1998) – 80%

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While Disney created many of the most acclaimed animated films of the 1990s, DreamWorks Animation also emerged around this time with one of their first feature films being The Prince of Egypt. The film was the epic retelling of the story of Moses with an all-star voice cast including Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Sandra Bullock and Goldblum as Aaron.

The film’s stunning visual design caught the attention of critics as it offered a new style of animation. The voice cast also earned praise even though the story didn’t always strike a chord.

14 Deep Coverage (1992) – 87%

Seeing Goldblum in so many goofy roles, it’s interesting to see him in an intense crime thriller like Deep coverage. The film stars Laurence Fishburne as a cop who is assigned as an undercover agent to take down a drug trafficking ring. Goldblum plays a wealthy and ambitious drug dealer involved in the investigation.

Critics have found that Deep coverage rose above typical crime thrillers with an intelligent and thought-provoking storyline. Fishburne and Goldblum were also praised for their lead performances.

13 The Weekend (2013) – 89%

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Goldblum is the kind of character who is thrilled to appear even in a small role in a movie. This is the case of the small and charming romantic comedy The weekend. It follows an older couple who attempt to rekindle their marriage with a second honeymoon in Paris. Goldblum plays the friend they meet on the trip.

Unlike most romantic comedies, The weekend This isn’t about a blossoming new romance, more about trying to salvage a dying romance. Regardless of this seemingly darker take, it’s filled with laughs and fun while still being quite touching.

12 The Big Guy (1989) – 89%

Given Goldblum’s odd on-screen personality, it makes sense that he would seek out equally original projects like the big guy. The British comedy stars Goldblum as a miserable comedian’s straight assistant who gets his own chance by falling in love with a charming nurse.

The film was written by rom-com veteran Richard Curtis and features a lot of his usual charm and laughs. It is also the first feature film by Emma Thompson, who embodies the nurse with whom Goldblum falls in love.

11 Isle of Dogs (2018) – 90%

Goldblum became a frequent collaborator with Wes Anderson, appearing in supporting roles in several of his films. Their most recent project together was in Anderson’s return to stop-motion animation for isle of dogs.

The film is set in Japan where the dogs have been relegated to a trash island. The story follows a group of dogs who help a young boy who has come to the island in search of his beloved bet. Goldblum voices one of the dogs. Critics found the film to be rich in Anderson’s signature charm and amusing animation.

ten The Grand Hotel in Budapest (2014) – 92%

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Goldblum and Wes Anderson seem like a perfect pair and The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of their most enjoyable projects together. It’s about an eccentric hotel concierge who is at the center of a plot involving a priceless painting. Goldblum plays an executor who starts all the chaos.

Anderson’s colorful and inventive style is on display in this bizarre little adventure. The all-star cast adds a lot of life to the film, especially Ralph Fiennes, who gives a brilliant comedic performance.

9 Nashville (1975) – 92%

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Even as he was still making a name for himself in the film industry, Goldblum managed to land roles in some incredibly exciting projects. He was part of the massive cast of Robert Altman’s ensemble masterpiece, Nashville. The film follows several unique and interesting people involved to varying degrees in the Nashville, Tennessee country music scene.

Altman excels at ensemble films, using an ensemble cast to tell his story in a dynamic, fun, and satisfying way. It’s one of his greatest achievements in this kind of storytelling, with a funny and insightful story.

8 Jurassic Park (1993) – 92%

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Goldblum has worked in several high-concept genre images that can sometimes be hit or miss, but he seems to have a knack for picking the most interesting ones. jurassic park is Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking theme park adventure film in which dinosaurs are brought back to life, only for all hell to break loose.

Despite the awesome dinosaur co-stars, Goldblum nearly steals the show as mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm, who immediately recognizes what a bad idea this park is. The film remains one of the most entertaining blockbusters ever made.

seven Invasion of the Body Thieves (1978) – 92%

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Goldblum’s somewhat unhinged demeanor seems like a perfect fit for horror movies. While making a name for himself in Hollywood, Goldblum played a supporting role in this horror remake. Invasion of the Body Thieves is about a small town overrun by aliens who can mimic their human victims.

Although remakes can be difficult to pull off, this is one of the rare examples of a remake improving upon the original. The film is filled with suspense from start to finish, leaving audiences guessing and paranoid the entire time.

6 The Fly (1986) – 93%

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Fly is another sci-fi classic that Goldblum has lent his talents to, though this film is considerably more gruesome than even the dinosaur carnage of jurassic park. Goldblum stars as a scientist obsessed with his latest experiments in matter transport. However, when the experiments go awry, his DNA is spliced ​​with a fly and begins to transform in grotesque ways.

The film hails from David Cronenberg, known for his disturbing cinematic themes. Admittedly, this one isn’t for viewers with weak stomachs, but Goldblum is an effective leader in this twisted and compelling tale.

5 Between the Lines (1977) – 93%

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Like many great actors, Goldblum’s early career is a great place to uncover some unsung gems. Between the lines is a 70s comedy about a small Boston newspaper that is about to be taken over by a big corporation. Goldblum plays one of the newspaper’s opinionated employees.

Although the movie doesn’t have the same kind of legacy as the others on this list, it does seem like one of the hidden gems to seek out. The small-scale story gives a good look at Goldblum as his star began to rise.

4 Thor: Ragnarok (2017) – 93%

It’s great fun to see what new actors will join the MCU family, and Goldblum has been an inspired addition to this ever-growing roster of talent. He joins the strange adventures of Thor: Ragnarok, which finds the God of Thunder on a cosmic journey to reunite with old allies, make new friends, and save Asgard from destruction. Goldblum plays the Grand Master, a strange and funny ruler of the planet Sakaar.

The film took Thor in a much-needed new direction, filled with fun and humor. The film’s success can be credited to filmmaker Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth’s hilarious performance, and a stellar supporting cast.

3 The Good Things (1983) – 96%

The good thing is another great movie that Goldblum was able to be a part of on his way to stardom. The epic historic image takes a look at the real-life pilots who put their lives on the line to break down barriers and help launch NASA’s space program. Goldblum has a small but notable comic relief role as a recruiter sent to find ideal pilots for the new program.

The film is a funny, thrilling and insightful look at a monumental time in history and the people who helped shape the future. It also has a stellar cast including Ed Harris, Sam Shepard, Scott Glenn and Dennis Quaid.

2 Annie Hall (1977) – 97%

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Few actors are keen to work with Woody Allen these days thanks to his many controversies, but there was a time when any young actor would jump at the chance to join one of his movies, especially Annie Hall, which is considered one of his best. The romantic comedy stars Allen as a neurotic comedian who falls for a free-spirited young woman (Diane Keaton).

The movie toyed with timelines and broke the fourth wall to deliver a fresh take that made for one of the best rom-coms of all time. Goldblum only appears for a few seconds but delivers one of the film’s most memorable lines.

1 The Gambler (1992) – 98%

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Robert Altman is the kind of filmmaker who has so much respect in Hollywood that any actor would play the smallest role in his film. The player seems to put that theory to the test as this cynical Hollywood satire is full of famous faces. Tim Robbins stars as a studio executive trying to hold on to his job while receiving mysterious death threats.

As the main story unfolds, just about every major industry star appears as themselves in small cameos, including Goldblum. It adds a fun and authentic feel to the hilarious and biting film.

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