10 TV shows that will forever be a must

Released last month, Rings Of Power hit screens to give a deeper look at what happened before The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, exploring how Middle-earth came to be. While opinions on the show are slowly coming to light, there are many well-established television programs that have left a lasting impression on viewers.

While some series have an effect on an audience at the time they were released, they don’t always stick around for reruns or to be remembered well. But users on Reddit have come up with shows they think will always be in the “must watch” category, forever.


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With a username that indicates their love for the series, Reddit user janlevison-gould thinks The Office will remain a staple, explaining that every time they watch an episode, they “…always find something new. to laugh every time. The subtlety of humor is great. »

The UK original was followed by the US version, both of which grew in popularity and did not lose their fan base. In the American show, the script was brilliantly written to include countless jokes, making the audience laugh for a minute. While some comedy moments were outlandish, there were other much more subtle lines that required perfect timing. Not only is the comedy a reason for the series to have a long-term future, but the narrative is easily applicable to many people, including workplace, relationship, and family life topics.

The simpsons

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Reddit user Hankbaumbach pointed to The Simpsons, the animated sitcom that moved into its 34th season in September.

As one of the best animated sitcoms of all time, the comedy family has been a source of entertainment for many viewers. With different personalities throughout the show, there’s a character for everyone to enjoy. The Simpsons doesn’t have to be watched from the start to be understood. Each episode has its own story, with the usual characters and sometimes new ones. It’s easy on the eyes, yet so clever in its writing, which makes it an ongoing staple.

breaking Bad

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With a completely unique plot, Breaking Bad was chosen by Redditor DreadfulRauw. There are plenty of crime shows that dive into the world of drugs, but this one took on a whole new perspective, including a TV villain with the saddest backstory.

There are plenty of reasons why Breaking Bad will continue to be a must-watch show. The acting is sublime, the plot is full of suspense, and there’s even a little scientific information along the way. Alongside the production team, Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul created a show that left audiences wanting more after each episode.


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A deleted Reddit user chose Scrubs which has already proven to stand the test of time and over the years has made new audiences want to see it.

Any show that can strike heartbreaking comedy, while tugging at the heartstrings with deeply sad scenes, will keep viewers intrigued, feeling like they can relate to the characters, because of the ups and downs of the life. Scrubs does just that. To add to its awesomeness, it is a TV series with one of the best endings, which makes viewers recommend it to others.

game of thrones

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Rings Of Power was released recently, and following one of the best fantasy shows, it had a lot going for it. Reddit user iamsodumb123 says Game Of Thrones will forever be a must-watch show.

Intensely dramatic scenes were shocking to watch at times, but with intricate sets and costumes, it all added to the scenery. A cast of phenomenal actors was an integral part of the overall portrayal of the show to make it realistic and believable. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be a must-have watch. But with such detail in every element of the production, the show will always remain a must-watch.


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Summarizing their feelings on why Friends will forever be a must-watch show, Reddit user TinkerBell6160 said, “People will never stop talking about/quoting it. »

The six close friends all had their individual traits, making them different from each other, but with good morals and values ​​at heart. Their down-to-earth personalities and honest missteps made them relatable and heartwarming to watch. An abundance of quotes are constantly circulating among the show’s fans and cast, even 28 years after it first aired.

black viper

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In what has become one of Rowan Atkinson’s most iconic roles, Reddit user Quinny_Bob cast Blackadder, a British period sitcom that ran for four successful seasons.

Each season focused on a different period of history, but each with an equal amount of superb humor and an interesting narrative. Atkinson leads the way throughout with a stark but still hilarious demeanor. Although satirical, historical truths are baked into the series, culminating in a sad but beautifully acted ending. Blackadder will always be relevant because of its history, but it will always be watched simply because of its genius.

Doctor Who

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An easy choice for Redditor RyanMRKO721, they said “Doctor Who, not even a question. Ncuti Gatwa is set to be the next exciting actor to portray the Time Lord, continuing a much-loved show.

Considering the series has been around for a magnificent 59 years already, it’s not hard to envision it being a must-have watch in the future. Having evolved over time, the program has taken many directions, offering fresh new guidelines that never get boring. The mere word “TARDIS” is enough for people to instantly know the referenced show, proving its status in the television landscape.

Band of brothers

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A deleted Reddit user opted for ‘Band Of Brothers’, one of the best based on a limited series of true stories. Focusing on World War II, the show provides insight into the brutal experiences of soldiers from that era.

Audiences want to see a clear depiction of historical shows and Band Of Brothers has provided that for viewers. The honest portrayal of pain and strength found in war stories is quite moving and that alone is reason enough for it to always be a must-watch, just to have a little more understanding of what war heroes have been through.

rick and morty

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Another popular anime series has encouraged Redditor Smalls_Biggie to choose Rick and Morty as what they believe will be a must-watch show forever.

Launched in 2013, the program took animation to a whole new level, adding a solid layer of intriguing science experiments, intertwined with quirky characters and a brilliantly funny storyline. Animation is often associated with children or younger audiences, but Rick and Morty is a big exception to the rule. A combination of science and comedy makes this a dead certificate for a must-watch show.

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